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 ViViD’s interview with xinmsn - What makes visual kei band ViViD blue?

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СообщениеТема: ViViD’s interview with xinmsn - What makes visual kei band ViViD blue?   Сб Ноя 26, 2011 6:07 pm

Prior to the boys’ first visit to Singapore, xinmsn gets into the thick of things with them through an e-mail interview.

Set to perform their first gig in Singapore in the upcoming Sundown Festival on Nov 26, we caught up with the quintet over an e-mail interview to find out what they are most looking forward to doing in the city. Apart from their desires to visit the Merlion, find out which member also want to try to out-spurt it.

From their music to personal challenges, find out what makes them blue and what are some of the obstacles they have encountered in their music career.

Share with us your most memorable fan encounter/experience. Any weird encounters?

Shin> I’m always getting a lot of love!

Reno> They were really sweet, especially when they were trying the hardest to call my name during our shows.

Ryoga> Fans kept wishing me Happy Birthday and even gave me little gifts for my birthday.

Iv> It is sweet that they send mails every day.

Ko-ki> I am very happy that they are always standing by me and supporting.

Do you guys still get nervous before doing a concert or performance? Any pre-concert rituals that you’d like to share?

Shin> Get my spirit up.

Reno> Play my guitar non-stop.

Ryoga> We hug one another before we go up. I need to smoke too.

Iv> Do light muscle workout and stretches.

Ko-ki> Warm up!

Share with us ViViD’s most challenging obstacle during your debut days.

Shin> There wasn’t any to me.

Ryoga> The lack of experience.

Iv> Pressure we face during crunch time.

Ko-ki> It is normal to experience hardships while moving forward in your career, but once you get over it, you feel yourself grow up.

Most memorable overseas concert experiences?

Reno> All of them.

Ryoga> The show that we announced we had debuted with major label is the most memorable. When we were in Paris, the fans were so sweet, they gave us many gifts such as drawings and portraits of each band member, unlike the Japanese gifts we were used to. It was very original and refreshing, we were all very happy! We felt like a million bucks.

Do you guys write your own music, lyrics? If not, do you plan to do so in the future?

Shin> Yes, we do write our own music! Everybody contributes — each member creates a base, a demo. Then at the recording studio, we get together to improve the pieces made by each member. So everyone has a little bit [of input], we do everything, and work together to finalize the composition.

What do you do when you run out of inspiration?

Iv> I try to listen to music I don’t usually listen to. I compose by using Desktop Music, or compose with my personal computer, electric instruments and MIDI.

What inspires your music?

Shin> It started from a high school festival, I loved rock music. Then I went into visual-kei because there are less limitations compared to other genres, there is more freedom.

Reno> Eric Clapton. He is the reason why I went into the rock genre too.

Ryoga> The power of music, how it moves you and the audience.

Iv> Because I like rock.

Ko-ki> The sound of the whole band together keeps us going and playing more.

What is one thing you must bring along when you’re overseas?

Shin> A book.

Reno> Mobile phone and my own clothes.

Ryoga> Cigarettes.

Iv> Toothbrush!

Ko-ki> My camera.

Share with us the best and worst thing about your successful music career now?

Shin> The best thing is being able to touch people’s hearts. Nothing bad so far.

Reno> The best thing is the training we go through and the worst is to know my weakness.

Ryoga> The best thing would be the hard work and the worst is when I slack off.

Iv> There are good and bad times, life goes on because the good times are worth it.

Ko-ki> The best thing is creating songs that are true. The worst thing is when you have to tell lies at times, inevitably.

Your latest music single is titled ‘Blue’, can you share with us what makes you “blue” (or rather, sad)?

Shin> When I hear people saying bad things about others.

Reno> If fans give up on us.

Ryoga> When no one understands my thoughts or ideas.

Iv> When my fans are sad.

Ko-ki> Not being able to convey my feelings to fans.

This is your first visit to Singapore, what are you looking forward to during this trip?

Shin> I hope we can introduce our wonderful Japanese culture. I look forward to the food!

Reno > This will be my first visit to Singapore so we don’t know what to expect, but we are just coming to play our music. I would love to see the Merlion.

Ryoga> I am very honoured and look forward to visiting Singapore for the first time. I heard the scenery is very beautiful so am looking forward to visiting several places.

Iv> I would love to see the Merlion, and like everybody, see if I can spurt water further than the Merlion.

Ko-ki> Cityscape and food!

If you could come to Singapore for a secret holiday, is there anything in particular that you would like to do and why?

Shin> It wouldn’t be secret because I would like to meet lots of people.

Reno> I just want to see Merlion.

Ryoga> I want to sit at a quiet place and view the beautiful night scenery.

Ko-ki> I would like to walk around the town and check out the beautiful people!

via xinmsn

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ViViD’s interview with xinmsn - What makes visual kei band ViViD blue?
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