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 ViViD ’s answers for Personal Data “If ~moshimo~” on July 2012 issue of「FOOL’S MATE」magazine 30 “If~moshimo~”

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СообщениеТема: ViViD ’s answers for Personal Data “If ~moshimo~” on July 2012 issue of「FOOL’S MATE」magazine 30 “If~moshimo~”    Вс Июл 22, 2012 3:35 pm

ViViD’s answers for Personal Data “If ~moshimo~” on July 2012 issue of「FOOL’S MATE」magazine 30 “If~moshimo~” questions that deepen their true words, connecting with the hearts that hide infinite possibilities! ViViD, who formed 3 years ago, is going to release their much awaited 1st album, “INFINITY”. Much awaited by the people who’ve supported them up till now, and also by the members themselves who’ve waited to do it as a new challenge, it seems to be a piece of work with deep content. This time, using the new album’s title, “INFINITY”, we bring you the answers to the infinite “If~moshimo~” world of the 5 members!! PERSONAL DATA “If~moshimo~” Q★What if, you could hear 1 final song at the end of your life? Shin: It would be ViViD’s song!
Reno: “Take off ~Mada hajimatta bakkari~” by DEEN
Ryouga: “Everlasting Truth” by re:plus
Ko-ki: “LIFELINE” by KICK THE CAN CREW Q★What if, you were off for 1 month? Shin: Hide at home.(lit. become a Hikikomori)
Reno: I think I’ll go to the sea or onsen.
Ryouga: I’d go back to my family home…
IV: Overseas holiday.
Ko-ki: Do reservoir studies and learn about different cultures. Q★What if, you weren’t doing music, what profession would you be in? Shin: Doctor.
Reno: I think I would have become a simple salaryman.
Ryouga: Apparel. Or, hairdresser.
IV: Secret!!
Ko-ki: If I didn’t join a band from the start, I think I’d be a construction worker. Q★What if, you could perform in a country that you liked? Shin: France.
Reno: I want to do a live in France again.
Ryouga: Because I want to share ViViD’s music, I’ll go anywhere.
IV: Korea.
Ko-ki: I wanna do a live in NY. Q★What if, you could do a live anywhere for once, where would it be? Shin: “The festival “Matsumoto Bon Bon“‘s stage in Matsumoto-shi, Nagano Prefecture.
Reno: If only people will come to watch (Laughs). Kokuritsukyougijou and Nissan Stadium.
Ryouga: My hometown in Gunma.
IV: Something like a train station!!
Ko-ki: I want to do a small box tour around the country. Or Tokyo Dome. Q★What if, you could cure one of your weak points? Shin:Make my height 190cm tall.
Reno: My forgetfulness.
Ryouga: The part of me which can’t keep secrets.
IV: Shyness.
Ko-ki: I want the power to continuously work diligently. Q★What if, you could join a band outside of ViViD for one day, what kind of band would it be and what part will you be? Shin: Vocals. I can’t imagine a band without these members, so I’ll be doing it solo.
Reno: I want to play guitar in a technical band.
Ryouga: I like to sing, so I’d be vocals in some band.
Ko-ki: DJ or drummer in a loud-kei or screamo-kei band. Q★ What if, you were a teacher, what subject would you teach? Shin: Math.
Reno: I think PE or National Language.
Ryouga: It was my strong point, so chemistry.
Ko-ki: English or Math or PE? Q★What if, you were to create a comedy team with the members, who would it be with and what kind of team would it be? Shin: Leave that to Reno and Ko-ki (laughs).
Reno: Ko-ki. We can do boke tsukkomi both ways.
Ryouga: Make a duo with Reno called “G- LIFE” (laughs). Bokke tsukkomi can be done either way.
IV: Impossible. (laughs)
Ko-ki: Make a “Ramen-crazy” trio with Reno and Ryouga. Q★What if, you became an evil villain, what is the first thing you would do? Shin: I don’t wanna be a villain!!
Reno: Nothing special. I think Ryouga would be interesting as a hero.
Ryouga: Destroy the streets. And I will not be defeated.
IV: Demand money from the bank.
Ko-ki: The hero will be Reno-san (laughs). Q★What if, the members were your family, what position would you be? Shin: A relative.
Reno: Maybe father or the eldest son.
Ryouga: Mother.
IV: Second son.
Ko-ki: Twins with IV. Q★What if, you could eat your favourite food as the last thing in your life? Shin: I’ll eat yakiniku.
Reno: My mom’s kara-age.
Ryouga: (not translated by the translator)
IV: Samgyopsal
Ko-ki: Ramen! Q★What if, you could be in a movie/ drama, what would your role be? Shin: Someone who can shape-shift in Kamen Rider.
Reno: The main character’s advisor.
Ryouga: Friend A of the main character.
IV: In a school-style drama, I’d be the close friend of the main character.
Ko-ki: I want to be a one-liner in a school style drama! Or a villain in some group. Q★What if, you experienced a major breakup, how would you recover? Shin: I don’t know.
Reno: Friends and playing spree.
Ryouga: Get drunk on alcohol.
IV: I don’t know.
Ko-ki: Cry till I’m out of breath, then depression for 1 month, then reflect. Q★What if, you could have one wish to be granted? Shin: I want to be happy forever.
Reno: I want to quickly make ViViD a band loved by everyone!
Ryouga: I want to be in a world where there is justice.
IV: Ask for 100 wishes.
Ko-ki: So that I can be in a band for my whole life, I want us to be a really popular band. Q★What if, you could meet someone now, who do you want to meet? Shin: GACKT-san.
Reno: My grandmother.
Ryouga: L’Arc~en~Ciel’s ken-san.
IV: Person whom I can’t meet anymore.
Ko-ki: None in particular now~ Q★What if, you could return to the past and tell someone something, what would you say to whom? Shin: Hmm… I don’t think there’s anything.
Reno: I want to tell my first year middle school self, “Seriously do your best at the guitar”.
Ryouga: I’ll tell my feelings to the girl I liked in elementary school.
IV: Tell myself the movement of the shares.
Ko-ki: ((TN:I don’t understand this at all. Someone help me.)) Q★What if, you could do a joint performance with any musician, who would it be? Shin: GACKT-san.
Reno: Steve Vai
Ryouga: Oshio Kotaro-san.
IV: SID, Acid Black Cherry, CNBLUE, FTISLAND, UVERworld
Ko-ki: There’s a lot, so I’ll work hard and realize this for myself (laughs). Q★What if, you could either go to the past or future for one day? Shin: Future. I’ll come back and be proud.
Reno: I’d go to the past and win the lottery (laughs).
Ryouga: I’d go to the past and prank Reno.
IV: Go to the past and affect the stock market.
Ko-ki: It’s scary to know the future so I’ll go back to the past. I want to go back to when I was small. Q★What if, you could see into the future, how may years from now do you want to look at yourself? Shin: Myself 5 years later. I think I’ll be singing songs that can touch people more than I am now!!
Reno: 10 years later… I’d surely still be playing guitar onstage.
Ryouga: I don’t want to see.
IV: The me who’ll be shining in 3 years.
Ko-ki: I don’t want to see the future me. Q★What if, you entered a manga/anime world? Shin: I’ll be Shogawa-kun’s position in Slam Dunk.
Reno: I’d be Hanamichi in CROWS.
Ryouga: ONE PIECE. I like his position, so Sanji.
IV: ONE PIECE. I want to enter the Straw Hat Pirates.
Ko-ki: It’ll be a world where you know the ending so I wouldn’t want that. But, I want a Gantz suit! translation credit : lonelyshoujo @ lj
scan credit : KIRU_隱性drums控 @ weibo *IV is seriously very Kpop-influenced… @_@ Jul. 21, 2012
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ViViD ’s answers for Personal Data “If ~moshimo~” on July 2012 issue of「FOOL’S MATE」magazine 30 “If~moshimo~”
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